Feel like the Disposable Generation?

Older Generation

Things are really changing, now that we’ve had 2 months of solid social distancing, and the curtain is slowly rising to allow for more contact with the outside world. While the virus and it’s soldiers hasn’t really changed much, the way we perceive it has begun to loosen. It’s a natural outcome of people feeling they are being caged in, but it’s a dangerous mindset and we must guard against returning to “the way it was”.

One of the things that became alarmingly apparent was the thought that some people were thinking to let the virus attack people, and those that made it to the other side – well, that was just great. But those who didn’t – well, they were going to die soon anyway. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I got the feeling that the older generation (me!) were disposable. People were placing a value on the age group that you were in. Since it appeared that children (now, not true) were not affected, no worries about them! I would say the 25-40 age group were most intent on downgrading the seriousness of the virus affecting them, and therefore, life should return to “normal” for them.

But the 65+ group – time was shortening for them anyway. So I’ll take this opportunity to point out why we NEED this age group! I can’t imagine sacrificing my own parents in this situation. Even when my parents passed away, the wealth of knowledge they were still imparting was invaluable. I still needed their love (and miss that part so much now). Who else has lived through so many time periods of stress and strife, and come out on the other side with insight on how to move on to something better. Who else has provided stability to their families when things seemed most dire, who have been there when their grown children needed help with THEIR children or a place to live when they couldn’t afford a place of their own. Every person has value, and no person is a drain on society unless a group of people decide this is so.

If this virus has taught us nothing else, it’s that we are ALL worthy of life, preferably a healthy one, and no one, no age group is less worthy of saving. Let’s keep doing what the experts suggest, being mindful that this secret enemy doesn’t pick an individual because of the age group they are in. No one is disposable.



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  1. tjanis says

    Thank you, Steve. It’s so much stricter up here in Ohio. We are just opening up, and with that, people are forgetting why they had to stay put in the first place.

  2. Steve says

    Thanks for the message Terry. Here in Fort Lauderdale on our main “social street” Los Olas Blvd masks are not the norm. Maybe ten percent of those frequenting the area social distance or wear masks. Stay put and stay safe. 🎈

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