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I just opened my computer and saw I had a bunch of comments. I rarely check the comments, thinking no one is probably reading my blog, but I came across some comments that were just plain intrusions, showing me that someone had gotten a hold of my blog, and was inserting “crazy” comments that seemed like they were from different people, but were from the same person, using different names but repetitive words of meaningless nothing. Why? What is your purpose?

In the crazy world we are now living in, I am struck by what people seem to be doing just to get attention…to turn our world upside-down for no good reason. So that’s why I titled this blog Why Do People… I’m just going to ask that question, and hope you think about it, too.

Why do people… feel the need to invade someone’s e-mail, blog, computer, credit cards, etc. just to disrupt it? To cause chaos, and insecurity? Just because you can?

Why do people… want to disrupt our Democracy, by questioning our elections, our Constitution, what the majority is legally allowed to do by law and precendence? To make noise? To give in to your base desires and wants?

Why do people…not want the best for our country by trying to do everything in their power to get rid of this dreadful and deadly Corona Virus? Has anyone in your circle had it? Do you care about anyone else but you?

Why do people… not want to change for the better, like changing their thought process on race, religion, women’s rights, police response, compromise on government issues? If we make it better for someone else, do we lose ourselves in the process, or just increase the betterment of everyone, including ourselves?

Why do people…just not want to try???? Have we gotten so narrow-minded that the hole we’ve dug is too deep to get out of? Have we forgotten that when we do for others, we actually get a warm, fuzzy feeling from it? Have we forgotten what respect looks like? Are there any adults left? Or just people with lots of money, loud voices, and temper tantrums?

The anxiety I feel from all of the above is just overwhelming. I’m in my 70’s, and I keep telling my family, I didn’t imagine spending the rest of my years in this manner, with people going in all directions, trying to change the norms, exploiting people’s privacy, being so selfish with no thought as to the end result. If you don’t like living in America, then please leave. I want to enjoy PEACE, I want to enjoy FAMILY and FRIENDS, and I want to be FREE of disease. Don’t we all want that???? To what end is anything else??? Instead of me asking Why do People… what if I asked What IF people… Maybe we’d be on the same page.



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  1. tjanis says

    I think we’ve all learned something during this time period…agree with what you said. 2020 be gone!!!!

  2. Fran says

    So well written and provides lots of issues to ponder and question. I am just hoping 2021 provides us with much less anxiety and the ability to truly connect with people again. I would say the one positive thing that the virus and the situation gave me this year is the ability to really see what’s important and what’s not. My priorities changed…in a good way, and I hope that continues next year.

  3. tjanis says

    I get it. People have forgotten that some thoughts should be kept private. Unfortunately, when “free speech” takes on an expanded meaning, there will be abuse because there is no more LINE to cross. The line has been blurred or erased. Our generation may be the last to know what good manners and discipline look like.

  4. tjanis says

    We need people like you who always sees the bright(er) side. A voice does not have to be loud to be heard. You are a great example of that.

  5. tjanis says

    Thanks, Jo. Great points! It is so scarey to see our country going in this direction. HOPE is what we need!

  6. Jo-Ann Saunders says

    “Have we forgotten what respect looks like? Are there any adults left? Or just people with lots of money, loud voices, and temper tantrums?” One of my favorite parts of your wonderful blog! You already answered alot of your own questions- because they can, because they are selfish and only think of themselves, because they think that only they have the right answers to everything and don’t care what other people’s opinions are, etc. etc. Our society is on the verge of breaking down and it’s really scary and sad. This virus has brought out the worst in us! When 9-11 happened, we were all on the same team. We grieved together and we worked to bring comfort to each other, as an entire country. That was then. Look at us now. This pandemic and election has divided us in a way that no one could have imagined. Compromise is almost a dirty word now, because if we compromise, that means that we are not supporting “our side.” And “our side” is more important than the whole, unfortunately. Nothing gets done in Congress. The result? Americans suffer. Your ending with “what if” is one of the key phrases we use in the grief world! So often, grievers ask, “If only this, if only that…..” It’s better to ask, “What if?” What an important shift in thinking that is. You showed that that way of thinking is not confined to grief. Good job!

  7. Erin says

    I love love love this. Well said. I do wonder what this world would and could be like if everyone just cared a little more about one another.

  8. JO ANNE CRAIR says

    As much as I am attracted daily to the ongoings on FB, i find myself overwhelmingly saddened also by the unkind, unnecessary rude words and hatred that people spew — mostly to people they dont even know. I guess they wouldnt have the nerve to say those things to their face? The internet has opened up a whole field of “freedom of speech” that I truly dont like, the ability to sit behind a desk and dislike the world. I am tempted to remove myself from these spaces, but occasionally I find some humor or act of kindness that I need to see. I feel anxious and afraid for the children of this world. They need to truly undertand NOT to believe everything they read, to sort out the good from the evil on their own— and none of that is easy. Yes, it makes me sad too. I guess we just have to keep looking for the silver linings and the goodness.

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