So Sad Today…

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Why am I so sad today? First and foremost – it’s my Dad’s 102nd birthday and he’s been gone two years. He and my Mom came back to Ohio 6 years ago, and we were so lucky to have them for these years. It made up for the 26 years they lived in Florida, thoroughly enjoying their vacation lifestyle. My Mom passed away within a year or so from dementia, which left my Dad without his wonderful companion for over 70 years. The sadness I feel is the gigantic hole left by his passing. Looking at his picture today, I’m still full of fresh tears as if it happened yesterday.

Thinking to how we would have communicated, if he had lived to see this Pandemic in an assisted living facility, would have made us triply sad. Not only watching a very vibrant man being “stuck”, away from his family, but watching his friends having to live that same life, at the end of their lives.

I’m so sad because we are ALL in this situation, with a disease that knows no age, and has no end in sight. Who could have pictured this? Who could have imagined that the country would be so divided, as to not try to reduce the exposure of the virus, so we could get to the other side? Is personal freedom, as defined by those who oppose masks, going to mean anything if you are dead or you lose a loved one? Do you have to experience the loss of a family member or friend, in order to see the light? If you would happen to contract the virus, and end up needing hospital care, should any medical doctor or staff have to treat someone who didn’t respect the masks they wear, in order to protect YOU? That makes me so sad…that good people put their own lives on the line to help you, when you could care less about your actions affecting anyone in your vicinity. Is a day at the bar worth a casket for someone else?

I’m sad, because the Pollyanna view I had of living in America, is again crushed – by how we treat immigrants, their children, races and religions, heck…each other. I’m no young person, and as I’ve written in the past, I think people think we are a disposable generation, because we are closer to death and don’t deserve to be saved. I didn’t live this long, only to be thrown away by people who don’t value ALL lives. I want to be with my 3 children and all 10 grandchildren for as long as I can, so I’m asking politely but ever so forcefully, to try to erase the sadness this whole country feels, by doing what is being asked of all of us…inconvenience your personal self for a little while longer, so we can get to the other side, having learned our lesson of community and the basic human right to live in freedom.



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  1. tjanis says

    Yep! Agree on all counts. People can be so disappointing, because basic values are not universal. Money has always been the root of all evil…no better example than a pandemic.

  2. Jo-Ann Saunders says

    Great article, Terry! I especially like the sentence, “Is a day at the bar worth a casket for someone else?” That says it all in a nutshell. I have discussed this very topic with my kids, ad nauseam, but we’re just preaching to the choir. It’s because of this non-compliance of some selfish individuals that I can’t just hop on a plane to visit my grandkids, as often as I had planned to. I hardly knew our grandparents. I wanted my grandkids to know me and vice versa. This worldwide pandemic has changed all that and it’s because of what should have been a natural coming together and finding a solution- right, left and center- has become politicized and divisive. Why?!?! It should be a no brainer: Wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands. Then, we can get back to our lives. But no. Too many would rather breathe the fresh air, unencumbered by a simple mask, than to think of others who would give anything to be able to breathe, without the need of supplemental oxygen or a ventilator. And yes, it angers me to no end that these very people are the ones who will be in the hospitals, gasping for the very breath that they took so much for granted, while putting healthcare workers’ health, sanity and lives on the line. Grrrrrr!!!!!! I am sad, like you, and angry and scared and so many other emotions……G-d help us all.

  3. tjanis says

    Wen, Our governor is afraid to absolutely demand it. But his heart is good and in the right place. People should just be responsible and do the right thing. I guess that definition is causing a problem – doing the right thing means different things to different people. Love your last comment.

  4. Wendy Barkin says

    Feel the same way. Glad I do not live in a state where the governors are anti masks . Praying we get to the other side soon.

  5. Lindsay Ricart says

    Love this, Mom! You are far from disposable — if only people today would LISTEN to the wisdom of the older generations ,maybe we wouldn’t see so much selfishness. Love you!

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