First time for everything


Today is my first attempt at blogging. First of all, it took me ages to understand what a blog is! I’m 73 years old, and the concept just kept escaping me. Now I think it’s sorta a running of the brain – thoughts that form that you want to voice out loud. At least that’s what my sister does on her blog, but she does have a theme, since she’s a grief specialist.

For me, I think that we are all living with a “First Time”, regarding this pandemic. We crave to see an ending, but it’s a first time, so there is none. It’s like living a movie that we are actors in, but the ending hasn’t been written yet, so we just preform endlessly, hoping the movie isn’t longer than the 18 months predicted.

It’s also the “first time” I actually have a great platform to reach my audience, where I’m not just another small business trying to catch notice, but a 25 yr old business, that finally has relevance in today’s world. So for people who know me, and who have had a positive experience with me, I simply ask for you to tell others, and let them have a “first time” with me as well.

Let’s make a list of “First Time Stuff” for the next few months, and see how long it gets. I’ll start…1. This is the first time in my life, I’ve gone without a haircut for over 4 weeks!



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